How Vulcan's Veg Fryer Pays For Itself

Any successful restaurant needs a quality fryer station to serve up crispy and delicious chicken wings, French fries and other menu staples. Unfortunately, "traditional" gas deep fryers can be slow and inefficient — keeping hungry customers waiting and wasting food, oil and energy in the process.

Enter the VEG Series Free-Standing Gas Fryer – Vulcan’s innovative commercial fryer that combines value with efficiency to help restaurants reach their full potential.


The VEG Series Gas Fryer is available in two tank capacities to suit your needs: 35 pounds and 50 pounds. Regardless of the size you choose for your restaurant, this fryer is value-priced while offering everything you need in a commercial deep fryer.

Engineered for optimal flexibility, this fryer can be placed virtually anywhere there’s proper ventilation available. Combine this with the fryer's intuitive design and durable construction and it's easy to see why so many restaurants trust the VEG Gas Fryer for their everyday needs.


Both models of the VEG Series Gas Fryer are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning that they have met strict qualifications to generate less waste and operate efficiently. For your restaurant, this means that you can enjoy excellent output while using less energy, helping you cut down on energy bills and saving money in the long run.

Compared to a baseline model, both the 35-pound and 50-pound versions of the VEG Series Gas Fryer offer 13%-17% greater overall efficiency. Specifically, the 35-pound model uses just 70,000 BTU/Hr. compared to 90,000 BTU/Hr. on a baseline model. Meanwhile, the larger 50-pound model uses 35,000 BTU/Hr. less than its comparable baseline.

All of this means that your restaurant can use less gas while frying up more food—which is a winning combination for everybody.


The VEG Gas Fryer is designed with savings in mind and is competitively priced so that you can meet your budget without making sacrifices. And because it is ENERGY STAR® certified, this gas commercial deep fryer may also qualify for energy rebates at the time of purchase.

Specifically, rebates for ENERGY STAR® certified appliances are offered by many natural gas and electricity suppliers. These rebates go directly to restaurants that purchase energy-efficient equipment. Exact rebate amounts can vary, however, many food service cooking equipment rebates can range anywhere from $50 to $7,000.

Rebates for the VEG Series Gas Fryer may be available instantly at the time of purchase or retroactively (you'll have to fill out a brief form and submit it to your utility provider). To learn more about ENERGY STAR® rebates and to explore specific rebate amounts in your state of operation, click here.


When you purchase a commercial fryer, you want to feel confident that you won't need to replace it for many years to come. The VEG Series Gas Fryer’s durable construction gives added confidence and peace of mind in their purchase to operators like you.

Specifically, you'll find a stainless-steel fry tank and door on every VEG Series Fryer. Stainless steel is one of the most durable and practical materials for commercial kitchens, standing up to daily wear and tear even in the toughest of kitchen environments. Meanwhile, each stainless-steel door is further reinforced with Earth magnet to secure the door while it is closed. The sides and back of each VEG Series Fryer are also built with a G90 high-grade galvanized and non-corrosive finish to maximize durability.

Vulcan also stands behind this commercial gas deep fryer, offering a five (5) year limited warranty on the stainless-steel tank – meaning if the tank springs a leak within its first year and the leak is verified by an authorized service agency, the entire fryer will be replaced at no cost to you. What better way to enjoy some peace of mind with your fryer equipment purchase?


With the VEG Series Gas Fryer, long gone are the days of complicated installation. This free-standing unit can be installed just about anywhere underneath a ventilation hood due to its lack of an electrical hookup. In addition to proper ventilation, the VEG Series Gas Fryer requires only six inches of clearance at both sides and rear to any combustible construction.

Looking for additional assistance with setting up your VEG Series Fryer? Hobart Service now offers a free new equipment checkout for this appliance. Take advantage of this service and a Vulcan product expert will verify that your new equipment has been installed accurately and is functioning properly. This is great for offering a little extra peace of mind with your purchase.

Once your fryer is installed and set up, it's ready for use. From there, you can keep your VEG Series Fryer running smoothly with some simple care and maintenance. The stainless-steel construction of the fry tank and door make this fryer a breeze to keep clean. This fryer also boasts an easily removable stainless steel basket hanger for the same convenience.


If you're looking for value-priced fryer equipment that doesn't mean skimping on quality or efficiency, the VEG Series Free-Standing Gas Fryer may be right for your operation. From its durable construction and versatile installation to its ENERGY STAR® certification and five-year limited warranty, there's a lot to love about this productive gas commercial fryer.

Looking to maximize your savings? Check your eligibility for a rebate to see if your purchase could qualify for instant savings. Meanwhile, be sure to check out the additional accessories available for this model that can take your operation to the next level, including adjustable casters, a stainless-steel tank cover, extra fryer baskets and more.

If you have additional questions about the VEG Gas Fryer or any of our restaurant fryers, feel free to get in touch with our commercial kitchen equipment experts!

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